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Egypt's GASC says Egyptian quarantine represtantive must travel to wheat source to inspect cargoes before shipment for future tenders....Details


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EGYPT'S GASC SAYS SEEKS CARGOES OF (55.000 to 60.000) TONS OPTIONAL ORIGIN WHEAT FOR arrivale (15-25)April, 2015.

- CAIRO,24February - The Egyptian state's main wheat buying agency said on Monday  it wanted to buy cargoes of (55000 To 60000) tons of soft and/or milling wheat for arrive  (15-25)April, 2015.
- Tenders should reach Egypt's General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) by noon local time
 (0900 GMT) Tomorrow and the results should come out around 4:30 p.m.(330 GMT) on the same day

   Wheat bids should be C&F.

- Vice chairman of GASC, said he was seeking cargoes of U.S. North pacific soft white

   wheat, U.S. soft red winter wheat, and U.S. hard red winter wheat.
- To get acquainted with the bid requirements .... Details
-For contracting and purchasing terms book, Please go to the headquarter of GASC ,     99 Kasr  Eleini  St. Cairo, Egypt
- For the Egyptian standard specification of wheat..... details


GASC gave the following breakdown of Wheat purchases Tender No. (23) of 24/2/2015:* April 15-25/ 2015 delivery*: 2900000 tonnes  of American hard red winter wheat : 120000 tonnes from cargel  at $273.5 C&F/tonne , 60000 tonnes from Amiropa  at $273.5 C&F/tonne ,55000 tonnes from Louis dryfos at $273.5 C&F/tonne ,55000 tonnes from Invivio at $ 271.44 C&F/tonne
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