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After Greetings

- In shading the light of Ministerial Decision No. (123) of 2022, the General Authority for Supply Commodities is obliged to make purchases of major commodities through the - Egyptian Exchange of Commodities Trading System in accordance with the laws and regulations established in this regard.

- Please visit the Egyptian Commodities Exchange at the address/plot 72 the city center - Banking District - 90th Street - 5th Settlement - New Cairo, and you can access the following link: -


- And that, as of November 1st , 2022, the General Authority for Supply Commodities is prohibited from contracting with suppliers unless they are registered with the Egyptian Commodity Exchange.

- The General Authority for Supply Commodities therefore appeals to all suppliers dealing with the Authority to register as a member of the Egyptian Commodities Exchange.

- New suppliers must also register for membership in the Egyptian Commodity Exchange, and this 
will be considered  as one of the registration requirements of the GASC Suppliers' Register.

And accept the highest respect,,,

Edited on 9/14/2022



GASC gave the following breakdown of Wheat purchase  240000 tons wheat.
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